A Friday Link-o-Rama, And Some Reviews!

Lots of good things the last couple of weeks –

Here’s a nice article about the 10th Season at Williamston Theatre!

Speaking of Williamston Theatre, we opened Rounding Third, reviews have been great!

Along with praising the wonderful actors in the show, Lansing State Journal says I have “expert storytelling abilities”, which I’m totally reminding my wife and kids next time they tell me I’m talking too much!

In addition, Encore Michigan had great things to say about the show.

Prince has a new album out.  It’s a self-described “experiment”, because it doesn’t sound like a lot of folks expect a Prince album to sound like, I guess.  That’s an interesting thing, though, because there are a lot of his 38 albums that don’t sound like any of his other albums – his “sound” changes quite a bit.  It’s a fun album though and, interestingly, he only released it (for now anyway) on the streaming service Tidal.  Here’s an interesting EW article about it.  And if you like that, here’s one about how he just played a small gig for Madonna!

Other fun things: My pal Joe and I are still doing the ridiculous and fun podcast Central City Underground for Golden Spiral Media.  We just started season 2 of that great CW superhero show, The Flash.  If you need a refresher on Season One, here it is!  If you want to check out the latest episode of the podcast, that’s right here!

And lastly – I am getting more and more excited for the next installment of Sherlock!  This trailer is beautiful!

Have a good weekend everybody.  Celebrate Everything!

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Link-tastic Tuesday!

Silly app called Vine lets you make 6 second movies:
Saturday at the Theatre

Sunday Coffee with my Daughter!

SPRING TRAINING! It’s been a long off-season for baseball, and I can’t wait to get it back! 🙂

Really neat clip on the post-production process of the new Star Trek movie that’s coming out soon! (Potentially minor spoilers, if you’ve not paid any attention to any previews of the movie at all!)

My son has the flu. Booo. The good news is that he was laying on the couch, and decided to turn off the tv, and use the iPad to write a play! 🙂 Cool. Still, having the flu is not good, so here are some tips on avoiding it!

My birthday has come and gone, but if anyone is searching for a Valentine’s Day present for me, how about this cool book? September’s Notebook

Happy Tuesday!

Monday Night Theatre Links

There are many thoughts on what Regional Theatre should be. Regional Theatres are tasked with providing entertainment, enlightenment and value to a community, all while adding to the growth of the industry as a whole. Employment for artists and administrators should come with affordability and a diverse mix of challenges and experiences for audiences, artists and administrators alike. On and on it goes, there are as many “shoulds” as there are theatres. And yet, the challenge that connects the theatres is this: paying your bills while following your mission. This article is an interesting read about that topic.

“Two Major Regional Theatres Struggle With Change”

This whole “Spider Man on Broadway” debacle has been amazing to watch. Now there’s a big lawsuit coming (or a big out-of-court settlement), but what’s interesting is the apparent power struggle and lack of leadership this production suffered from. Or maybe it was too much leadership? I don’t know, but this article is interesting, and as a producer AND a director, I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

“Reputations Could Be Tarnished In Broadway Lawsuit”


Animal House: The Musical?!