Why are you here?

I like this thought from Dan Pearce – Abstract textured background


What’s the point?  What’s the reason?  To help my kids have a good life?  To help my wife do the same?  To make theatre and help people laugh, or cry, or reflect on their life and feel not alone?  To enjoy life and try to be a force for positivity?  I feel like these are the things I’m supposed to be doing… but too often  I find myself NOT doing them.  Too often I get caught up in my own ego, or fears, or the negativity of someone else, or my own laziness. or distract-ability (is that a word?  Go with it.)   Lately I’ve been lucky – it’s been easy to come to work and celebrate that I get to run a regional theatre, and I’ve had some wonderful QFT (Quality Family Time!) to remind me what’s important, to keep me focused.

Still, this last month has been an interesting one – the Facebook features “Memories” and “Timehop” have brought up LOTS of the “Team Tony” photos because it was 2 years ago now that I was waking up from a coma, and a lot of people were getting their t-shirts and posting them.  Seeing all the flashback-posts is wonderful, and heart-warming, and also a little emotional because of all that went on, and all that is still going on.  They also help remind me how lucky my family is to have had all that support, and that this life is pretty fleeting, and we have just one chance to make the most of it… hence the Dan Pearce quote!    Of course, thinking back to all of that, and of how lucky I am to be here today, AND of the quote above, it makes me wonder if those things are enough… what else can I be doing? What else SHOULD I be doing?  I guess I have more questioning to do, as Dan Pearce suggests.  🙂

Oh – also, because of those Facebook features, I’m finding a bunch of photos I never saw before!  I’ve added a bunch of new pics to the Team Tony page on my site, and done a few other tweaks to the site.  Check it out, let me know what you think!

And today – take a minute to look around and count some blessings.

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