March! So much good stuff this month!

Rehearsals (and soon, first preview) of The Decade Dance are happening – so far the rehearsals have been great.  Just watched the first “designer stumble-through” the other day, and was very pleased with how things are looking.  We have another run-through today that I’m seeing, excited about watching the show again.  It’s always fun to do a new play – having the writer in the room working with the actors, director and designers is a blast.  The whole team on this one is terrific, I’m looking forward to seeing the final product!

Also – I get to work on Rounding Third again!  Our co-production between Williamston Theatre and Tipping Point Theatre is coming back for the 6-week run at Tipping Point, so we’ll be doing a bit of rehearsing and re-mounting the show there later this month.  Spent some time this week re-reading the script, and watching the archival tape of the show so we could get a head-start on getting the show back on it’s feet.  Watching it, I was reminded how much audiences enjoyed it – as much as I hate watching theatre that’s been recorded for archival purposes, it IS fun to hear an audience roar with laughter!  🙂

Some of the most fun I get to have this month is in the finalization of our NEXT season at Williamston Theatre.  I love this time of year, because you’re nailing down the details of another season of theatre: What stories do you get to tell, why are you choosing them? What teams can you put together?  Which artist feels like a great fit for which project?  Who do we get to have in our building, sharing their gifts with our company and our audience?  It’s a terrific puzzle to put together every year, and I love it.

All of that great stuff for work, plus a ton of wonderful Quality Family Time, and seeing my kids do amazing work in the show choir (Company C), our 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up soon, and discovering Bob’s Burgers on Hulu and Netflix! (Seriously… this show is ridiculous, Jeanne and I could sit and watch an all day marathon and laugh non-stop.  How are we JUST discovering this now?!  The kids introduced us to it, and I’m glad they did!)

So – how’s YOUR March going?


(I wish I knew who to credit for this cool image. I found it online.)

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