Catching Up On The Work Stuff 

This past weekend was pretty great. After an incredibly busy couple of months I’m in a slower period, for which I’m grateful, but this weekend was the fun culmination of all that work. We closed the world premiere of Pulp by Jospeh Zettelmaier that I directed at Williamston Theatre…

…and opened the world premiere of Rights Of Passage by Kitty Dubin at the Jewish Ensemble Theatre. 

Getting to do two new plays at two different theatres (with a one week overlap!) was a wonderful opportunity, and a great challenge. I got super lucky, and was able to work with some really fabulous artists. Very happy with how both productions turned out, and grateful for the chance to spend so much time laughing and enjoying doing the work with quality people.  The older I get, the more I realize what a gift it is to be able to enjoy the people in the work as much as the work itself.  Sometimes that’s not always possible but, when it is, it’s a thing to be cherished.

I’m excited to spend the next couple of months producing The Nerd (here’s the set being installed TODAY!)……and producing A Painted Window, and I’ll be prepping to direct one of the shows I’ve been wanting to do for years, 1984.

In the meantime, though, I’m looking forward to having a bit more time to spend with my family.

And now – to sleep! G’night everybody!

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