Closing weekend!

It’s closing weekend of 1984 at Williamston Theatre.  Producing this show has been something I’ve looked forward to for a few years, and I’m really pleased at how the final product turned out. The process was fabulous, the team was wonderful to work with, and the audience response has been terrific. 

In fact, we got one final glowing review that you can check out right here: The Cranky Critic

The rest of life has been incredibly busy this past month, but I’ll write about that later. For now, and for fun, here are a bunch of random pics from 1984 that I want to share! 

4 thoughts on “Closing weekend!

  1. We are here right now. A little uneasy knowing my son, David Wolber, will be treated poorly during this play! He is so leased to be part of this .

    • Thanks Emily! And YES, I forgot to give Chris Purchis credit for the show photos! The behind-the-scenes stuff I shot on my phone, but all the great shots from the show itself are Chris’s work!

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