Good things!

This week needs a bit of perking up. Here, in no particular order, are some things of beauty I got a chance to see this week!

This image of Prince was something I found on the internet, the artist made it as a tribute to him.  Friday the 21st was the 1 year anniversary of his death.  I lost the link to it that shows the artist’s name, unfortunately. 

The march for science was this past weekend.  Among many, many articles about it, this was one of the best signs I saw posted online!

On a sunny morning, some times of the year, when the angle is right, the sun comes in and reflects off of my wife’s necklaces (that she’s hung on a spare towel rack!), and it fills the room with a million little explosions of color!

This week we started rehearsals for the next show at Williamston Theatre, Taking Shakespeare, and it’s going to be fabulous.  The script is smart, funny, thoughtful, hopeful, and just a terrific ride.  Plus, the cast is amazing, and it’s being directed by the wonderful Mary Job! Can’t wait for previews!  (This pic was taken by Chris Purchis, of me making some big announcement about something or other at first rehearsal!)

This is a pic of Maggie, in Finland, in a car with a couple of her host-siblings, Aatu and Venla!  Love it!

I took this shot a couple days ago in the theatre – the seats look cool in the ghost light!

Some Spring has sprung in our yard!

More spring in the front yard!

Arriving early for the Tigers game on Wednesday.  Man, what an incredibly beautiful night for a ballgame.  Sunny, 75 degrees, the park was full and buzzing with energy and smelled exactly how you want a ballgame to smell.  One of the best places to spend an evening that you’ll ever find!  🙂

Jeanne and I were raking in the yard, and I couldn’t resist taking this pic of the sunset.

I hope you’re finding the beautiful things in your week, too!

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