All good news…

So, yeah, this space has been silent for a few weeks.  In truth, I was unsure what to write, because I was going through a health scare thing, so I just didn’t write anything…..

Fortunately, everything has turned out pretty much okay.  Want too much medical info?   Here ya go:  The doctors discovered a tumor in my bladder.  So, we had a month or so of worry about whether it was going to be cancerous and, even if it wasn’t cancerous, if the removal of it would necessitate the removal of my bladder.  Fortunately, we got more or less the best news – it was removed without too much damage to the wall of my bladder, and it was not cancerous, although I now will have to get checked every 6 months for cancer cells there, because statistics show that a certain percentage of people who get this type of tumor do eventually develop bladder cancer.  Still, with all of the other medical stuff I’ve had going on over the last few years, I’ll take the win!  🙂

Of course, following that, I was reminded by the doctors that because of my CVID, and all of the aforementioned medical adventures, that I should probably make sure I’m not taxing my “compromised” immune system.  So, the “slow down” message was given again, and I need to listen to it.  SO, some slowing down is in the works.  More QFT* and less overlapping, back-to-back work projects, etc…  All good news.

Other good news:
Ernie opened this week, and I got to spend the week doing brush-up rehearsals with the gang.  Season 7 – it’s a fascinating thing, this “bring a play back for 7 seasons”, from a directing viewpoint.  Finding things, 7 years later, that make us go “OH! This moment will be better if we XYZ instead of ABC! – Cool, let’s do it!”  There are some serious lessons to be found in watching your own work replayed over years – I’m grateful for that.  I’m also grateful for the super team of actors, stage managers and designers who work to keep the show fresh and engaging.

We are running Taking Shakespeare at Williamston Theatre, and it’s just wonderful.  Funny, smart, thoughtful, and full of love and joy and hope! Great performances, terrific direction and designs – I just couldn’t be prouder to have it on our stage.  This weekend and next weekend are the final performances, check it out if you haven’t! Click Here!

OH!  I redid the layout of my website.  I still need to update with a bunch of new show photos from my directing gigs, but let me know if you like the new look of the site.

Maybe the biggest good news of all: Maggie comes home in less that 2 weeks!  Our world-traveling, Finnish exchange-studenting oldest kid finally returns.  It’s been about 10 months since I got to hug her and squeeze her, and I can’t wait!

I hope good news is running through all of your worlds this month too.

*Quality Family Time

14 thoughts on “All good news…

  1. I am sorry you had to go through another health scare/crisis but am very relieved with the positive outcome. You handle the ups and downs of your life with such aplomb. (Is that a word? I think so). Please do take the doctor’s advice and lighten your workload. You are the kind of person who gives 100% to all you do and you can still do that only with fewer projects. Happy to hear all the other good news in your life. I love reading your blog and always take something positive away from it. Xoxoxoxo KD

  2. Tony, so glad to hear your good news. I knew I was taking on a small part of your load with Turn of the Screw, and was happy to do so, but I didn’t know why and was worried. Thank you for sharing. Today was a blue day for me because of nothing really, just a stupid, blue day. I know I’m not alone in feeling the dark cloud hovering around us. Your good news just broke through the cloud and gave me a little sunshine. Thank you. Side note: if you’re in A2 and ever want to pop into rehearsal, I always welcome your suggestions, opinions, oh, just your mere presence! Take care of yourself and get ready to hug that wandering kid!

  3. Like you say, there is so much good news here, along with the warnings. But I know that our the years you have prepare yourself to be stalwart and strong, to share and divide your time, and to be an encouragement to so many others, be the your family or your extended family in the theatre world. So this is your reward from the medical team and from God. You deserve the reward; you have prepared yourself for this journey many years ago. I am proud; Chuck Elliott is looking down with pride.

  4. Tony- oh my goodness! That must have been scary! So happy you are on the mend with a good prognosis. Sending you good healing thoughts and baby blessings for good health! Slowing down and more family time is a great prescription!!

  5. Tony,
    It is so awesome to hear your “Good News” and thank you for sharing it with us. I hope this helps, in regards to “slowing down”, don’t think of it as slowing down, but taking more time to reflect and what better time for you to implement this process than when your daughter gets home.
    Simply Put:
    Live, Love, Respect and Enjoy Life…every dog gone moment of it… we do, because of knowing you.

  6. I have so enjoyed our time together these past days… I can’t thank you enough for helping us to “find those moments” and keeping the Ernie journey alive and fresh. You make me a better and more engaged actor and I am forever grateful for your direction.
    It’s easy to see why so many people and projects in the creative world want a piece of you… glad to hear that you’re taking the “slow down” message seriously because we would all rather wear our TT shirts for fun…rather than necessity. 😉
    Thank you again for sharing your gifts.
    Love ya’ man!

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