Off The Couch

Man, the last couple of weeks I have been on the couch with a whopper of a bronchial infection. Thank goodness for good doctors, antibiotics, steroids, inhalers, soup, juice, and an awesome family. Thank goodness, also, for the amazing team of people I work with who said “We got this. Stay on the couch and do what the doctors say, and get better.”

I’m finally feeling much closer to human again, and have spent the last few days getting back into a routine back at work. It was very frustrating, and I don’t do “sit around and don’t move” particularly well, because I get frustrated and stir-crazy but, honestly, this bug hit me so hard that I would get out of breath just walking to the kitchen, so staying on the couch was pretty necessary.

The thing that hit me the most, during the last couple weeks, was a really deep sense of pride, though. It was really satisfying to know that the thing that John, Chris, Emily and I built in Williamston worked. I was supposed to be there, producing the show and doing all of the things that a producer and Artistic Director does during rehearsals and previews of a show, but I was in no shape to be leaving the house, much less holding note sessions – and with my fever I was in no shape to be doing a lot of heavy thinking! The thing that was so great was that I didn’t need to be there. Our people, the team, knew what to do and did it. It seems funny to say “I wasn’t needed, and it made me happy”, but it did! I mean, people had to fill in for me, and everyone worked harder because I was gone, which sucked, so obviously that’s not a thing that would work for any length of time, but to know that in a pinch the system does what it’s supposed to – that’s pretty gratifying. To be reminded how awesome the team of people I get to work with is, that was nice.

Now we are getting close to wrapping up season 13 (and THAT amazes me also), and there are some really exciting plans for the next few months, as well as the next couple of years, and I can’t wait to start talking about them. So much goodness all around, and sometimes I get too caught up in the day-to-day and forget to acknowledge it. Especially in today’s political climate, with so much tension and fighting – I need to remember to savor the good things, and be thankful.

Starting with the ability to take a deep breath without coughing!

4 thoughts on “Off The Couch

  1. To begin with I am glad you are finally feeling better! Regarding the theatre, although I can appreciate the pride each of you have in how you support and fill in for one another, I am in no way surprised as your “family” is quite special! I do hope you all know how we recognize this.

    (Incidentally, frightening the company as you did a few years back did set the stage for their doing anything they could to avoid a rerun!! Smart move, Tony!!😉)

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