This time of year….

This time of year is odd for me…

Today marks the 7th anniversary of my dad’s death. I still miss him every day. I talk to him all the time, sometimes in my head, sometimes out loud. Mostly if I’m trying to figure something out, or if something happens that he would’ve loved. Once in a while I’ll see someone on the street or in a store who reminds me of him and my breath catches for just a second – that usually takes the rest of the day to recover from. He was a a great guy, caring, smart, funny, imperfect like the rest of us, and I always knew I was loved. I wear the 25th Anniversary ring that he got from Ford Motor company, just to keep him close. (Well, he got a tie tack. Since my dad wore a tie about 3 times in his 68 years, he turned it into a ring when he got it!) Here’s what I wrote the day after he passed away, if you’d like to read more about Frank Caselli.

The other reason this time of year is weird is that 8 years ago today I was in the St. Joe’s Chelsea Hospital, after having collapsed at home, starting my long “meningitis adventure”. I remember very little of what happened, especially the beginning 6 weeks or so. The occasional flash of a hospital room or my wife or sister. I have clearer memories of the last few weeks, as I was waking from the coma and going in and out of consciousness. Some visitors, struggling to breathe, my parents being there non-stop. I remember a LOT of very vivid, long, coma dreams – what felt like other lifetimes and other realities. Here’s what I wrote about that experience, if you’d like to read more about that.

Also, my birthday is this coming Monday! It’s so close to these two things that have changed my life forever that it feels weird to be thankful and excited for my birthday, but I am. I know a lot of folks don’t like birthdays – “Another year older, ugh!” and all that, but I love it. Especially the last 8 years or so. “Another year older” isn’t “Ugh!” for me, it’s “I MADE IT!” – I got another year with my family, friends, enjoying the world around me. Especially with the pandemic and the world being what it is right now. This one will be 53! Who knows if I’ll make it to 68 like my dad – heck, who knows if I’ll make it to 54 – but I know I’m going to try and enjoy being here now, and celebrate the wonderfulness around me.

So, today, I encourage you all to celebrate. Celebrate your lives, celebrate the life of my dad, hug your loved ones and your friends – tell them how awesome they are, and put hang-out days on your calendar right now! This is the life we have – time is being spent right now. Enjoy it. Savor it all.

So much good stuff coming up at work

Some weeks are pretty darned great, y’know?   This week I got to have an amazing 1st Production Meeting with the team for Pulp.  Rehearsals start in about 5 weeks, and I can’t wait!  I LOVE the beginning of a project when you’re working with a great production staff – the excitement, the ideas bouncing around, the energy – such a good time for digging into the work.

Not only did I have that meeting, but I had a great playwright meeting for Rights Of Passage, the other show I’m directing this fall, and I’m feeling super enthusiastic and energized about the project, and the direction it’s headed in.  I’ll be directing this show at the Jewish Ensemble Theatre, and can’t wait to work with the great cast.

Heard from the amazing David Blixt at Sordelet Ink, and very shortly we will get the proofreading copies of our Williamston Theatre Anthology Of New Plays: VOLUME II, so in another few weeks we’ll have copies of both volumes available for sale!  PS – To buy VOLUME I, click here!

And today (a little later than normal because of REASONS) we finally were able to nail down the last cast member of our 2016-2017 season, so not only is the whole season cast and staffed, but we just finalized our brochure and it’s off to the printer.

So – for your viewing pleasure – here are some screenshots I took of some of the brochure pages.  Here’s what we’ve got coming up!

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.18.10 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.05.37 PMNerdAPW1984TSMF2

SO MUCH great stuff happening – lots to be grateful for.  I hope you’re finding all the things in YOUR day to celebrate and enjoy.  🙂

Tuesday Potpourri-Hodgepodge-Mishmash-Medley of Things

What a great time to be a Dad.  I am more and more impressed with my amazing kids every day.  Why?  Let me tell you…

*Last week, at lunch with my daughter, at Jimmy Johns: Not only did she order the giant Italian Nightclub sub – she had them put hot peppers on it.

*Going to an event where we had to be a little dressy, my 15 year old son asks to borrow a tie.  “Sure – grab one out of my closet”, I say.  Out of the almost 20 ties I have hanging in my closet…. he picks the one with the Starship Enterprise on it.

Parenting Win, Level AWESOME.

The Family June 2015

The Family June 2015


Saw a GREAT quote today:

“If you don’t have time for what matters, stop doing things that don’t.”

–  Thanks to Courtney Carver at Be More With Less for sharing it!


Outside Mullingar has been PACKING the audiences in at Williamston Theatre.  What a beautiful script, done beautifully – I’m so proud of the whole team.


I’m looking forward to our upcoming Summer show at Williamston Theatre (The Art of Murder), and I’m amazingly excited for the lineup of our 2015-2016 Season!  For fun, here’s the assortment of logos for the season!

Rounding Third by Richard Dresser

Rounding Third
by Richard Dresser

Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol By Tom Mula

Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol
By Tom Mula

Too Much, Too Much, Too Many By Meghan Kennedy

Too Much, Too Much, Too Many
By Meghan Kennedy

The Decade Dance By Joseph Zettelmaier

The Decade Dance
By Joseph Zettelmaier

Chapatti By Christian O'Reilly

By Christian O’Reilly

Summer Retreat By Annie Martin

Summer Retreat
By Annie Martin