‘Fringe’ exiting on sci-fi high | Variety

My current favorite show on TV ends on Friday. Here’s a nice article about it from Variety.

I love this show, it’s become one of my favorite sci-fi shows of all time. As a big fan of science fiction, that’s a big thing for me to say. One of the things I love about it the most is that the heart of it, like so many good stories, is about family and love. Then, you take those things and add in weird alternate universes and time travelers and creepy mysteries and incredible characters being brought to life with fabulous performers and writers who aren’t afraid to take risks and turn the whole thing on it’s head once in a while… that’s inspiring. And good storytelling.

‘Fringe’ exiting on sci-fi high | Variety.

Saturday good things

Good things on a Saturday!

My daughter turns 14 today. How is this possible?!


Dead Man’s Shoes at the Williamston Theatre continues to get rave reviews!
“The world-premiere production, a joint offering by Williamston Theatre and Performance Network Theatre with direction by David Wolber, marries component skill and tight cohesion into a masterpiece of workmanship with entertainment value to match.”

Sci-Fi fans, if you’re not watching Fringe, you’re missing out on a great show! I just watched last night’s episode, and the show just gets better every week!

I never got my motorcycle license…maybe I should.


The Detroit Tigers first Spring Training game is only two weeks away!