Friday night

It’s almost 2am.
It’s been a week since I updated my LiveJournal. I can’t remember the last time I took a week off from it! I’ve missed it.

I’m lying in our tent, my wife and kids asleep on either side of me. There’s a nice breeze, but it’s building. In the distance I can see lightning, hear some thunder moving our way – we’ll probably have rain soon.

That’s okay. We’ll stay dry.

It’s a beautiful night. Vacationing, visiting with family. Some fun cards this evening: my father and I soundly trounced my wife and mother in a euchre tournament. We read Harry Potter books, Jeanne and the kids made Friendship Bracelets. The Tigers won.

I checked in with folks at Williamston Theatre – the performances went well yesterday and today. Got some good news regarding a grant for the theatre – very exciting.

And now, thanks to the magic of the iPhone, I can take a minute and record this great night. From my tent in the woods, a nice night of balancing being both Dad, and the Artistic Director. This week I’m definitely tipping toward the Dad side of the scale… And I’m okay with that. Soon enough I’ll be busy with other things. Soon enough these beautiful sleeping kids beside me will be off and busy with their own things, and Jeanne and I will wonder where the time went.

So, for tonight… I’ll listen to the wind, and my family sleeping, and enjoy the rumble of the thunder in the distance. Soon it’ll get loud, and they’ll wake, and it’ll get exciting as the rain falls.

Rain or not, though, it’s a beautiful night.

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We all have those moments where we feel like we’re coasting, right?

I mean, coasting in the sense of “It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve put my nose to the grindstone and challenged myself.”

It’s not that I’ve not been working hard, but you know how sometimes you get caught in the everyday details so much that the Big Ideas can be left idling on the side? That’s how I’ve felt lately.

Of course, part of the problem is that I love what I do. A lot of those details are, honestly, fun and engaging and done with fun people! And I don’t think there’s anything wrong in reveling in accomplishing the everyday things: without them, we’d be nowhere!

But, also, it’s important for me to keep reminding myself that it’s not just the daily stuff, but the Big Ideas that are my job. If the company I run, that I’m both responsible for and responsible TO, is going to succeed… then both things need to be handled.

That’s my goal as we launch into our new season.

Back home on Thursday

So I spent the last several days in Las Vegas!
*Geek Alert*
A couple friends and I decided to celebrate the fact that we’re all turning forty soon by scheduling a trip! Being the dyed-in-the-wool geeks that all 3 of us are, it was decided that the trip to Vegas would include a little gambling and, more importantly, a trip to Star Trek: The Experience! (go ahead, giggle if you need to: I’m a scifi fan, bite me. Gently. Like a Dabo girl at Quarks would. Deep Space Nine fans, please explain that joke to your scifi impaired friends, cuz it’s funny.)
So we went to Vegas. It was my first time being there and…Vegas is hot. Not like sexy, neato-keen hot, but freaking “Hey, my scalp just burst into flames” hot. It was 115 degrees.
It was about 6 hours into Day One when my light bulb went off and I said “Oh yeah! We’re in THE DESERT!” That realization comforted me, but didn’t stop it from being hotter than a cup of steaming raktajino. (Again, DS9 fans… Explain the joke.)
About Las Vegas: fun for a few days. A place to visit a couple of times in your life. The massive display of EXCESS is, truly, amazing. And that, I suppose, is the point. The casino’s are freaking HUGE. We’d be walking along going from one to the other (on”The Strip”) and it looked like a short walk – they all seemed pretty close together. No. That’s an optical illusion because each building is the size of Rhode Island. Good Lord!
Anyway, a terrifically fujn time was had by all. No time now to discuss the Star Trek Experience, other than it was a ridiculous amount of fun, and it’s too bad it’s closing September 1st! The details will have to wait for a later journal entry.

A QUESTION: Have you been to Vegas? What did you think?

Worth thinking about

“Art is any human activity which doesn’t grow out of either of our species’ two basic instincts: Survival and Reproduction.” – Scott McCloud

This comes from his book “Understanding Comics”, which is about comic books. It is, however, also great for people who write or direct plays because it’s a fantastic exploration of storytelling with pictures and words! I owe thanks to my pal Aaron for pointing me toward it!

My kids blew me away today!

Okay, the setup: The Detroit Tigers traded away their catcher of the last 4 years, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. He was traded to the Yankees for a pitcher. (This is a big trade, which has the Tiger fans split down the middle on “love it” or “hate it”. I’m okay with it, but that’s a whole other journal entry.)

The thing is… My kids were disappointed. Visibly, and vocally. And thoughtfully! “I know they needed a pitcher, but if they had to trade a catcher why didn’t they trade Brandon Inge?! I LOVE Pudge!”

This blew me away. I had one of those Dad “Wow” moments. I was sad for them, but amazed and proud and excited that something I was so passionate about… They were too! Because I’m older and get the business end of the game more, I had a clearer understanding of why the trade was made, but I also realized that didn’t matter. One of THEIR guys was gone!

We had some great discussions about it tonight while watching the game… it wound up with me promising I’d see if the Yankees were coming back to town this summer, and if so we’d go to that game to see Pudge play again.

Now they’re each trying to figure out who will be their favorite Tiger! And I love it!