Friday night

It’s almost 2am.
It’s been a week since I updated my LiveJournal. I can’t remember the last time I took a week off from it! I’ve missed it.

I’m lying in our tent, my wife and kids asleep on either side of me. There’s a nice breeze, but it’s building. In the distance I can see lightning, hear some thunder moving our way – we’ll probably have rain soon.

That’s okay. We’ll stay dry.

It’s a beautiful night. Vacationing, visiting with family. Some fun cards this evening: my father and I soundly trounced my wife and mother in a euchre tournament. We read Harry Potter books, Jeanne and the kids made Friendship Bracelets. The Tigers won.

I checked in with folks at Williamston Theatre – the performances went well yesterday and today. Got some good news regarding a grant for the theatre – very exciting.

And now, thanks to the magic of the iPhone, I can take a minute and record this great night. From my tent in the woods, a nice night of balancing being both Dad, and the Artistic Director. This week I’m definitely tipping toward the Dad side of the scale… And I’m okay with that. Soon enough I’ll be busy with other things. Soon enough these beautiful sleeping kids beside me will be off and busy with their own things, and Jeanne and I will wonder where the time went.

So, for tonight… I’ll listen to the wind, and my family sleeping, and enjoy the rumble of the thunder in the distance. Soon it’ll get loud, and they’ll wake, and it’ll get exciting as the rain falls.

Rain or not, though, it’s a beautiful night.

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