Thursday Pic Post

Yep, it’s hot today.


Thankfully, I’m in my office, where we have air conditioning…

(Hey! Don’t judge me, ALL our desks get messy SOMETIMES!)


Last night we had a blast hanging out with our friends Ann and Duncan, playing “Last Night On Earth” (the zombie board game) outside, under the trees, in the dark, by candlelight! It was great fun. 20120628-162516.jpg
Here are the ladies, beating the heat with some ice cream before the game!

I can’t tell you what the picture below is yet…

…. but I can tell you that it’s:
A) work related
2) awesome
III) part of something else that is also awesome. 🙂

Also, in case you’re wondering whether we’re pet friendly here at Williamston Theatre…

I helped John feed his snakes this week. The ones he keeps in his office.  Here’s one of them. The small one.
(And by “helped” I mean stood and watched from the other side of the room waiting to see if he got his arm bitten off.)
(He didn’t.)

Happy Thursday everybody!