Rest In Peace Nichelle Nichols

Well… damn. Nichelle Nichols, the legendary Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek has passed away at the age of 89.

As a big Star Trek fan, this makes me sad. She was a woman who was a terrific actress and singer, of course, but who also changed a lot of lives as a representative of what the future should bring – acceptance, diversity, inclusion: In the 1960’s she showed a strong Black woman onscreen in a position of authority. To quote the article below: She portrayed “A capable officer who could man other stations on the bridge when the need arose, she was one of the first African American women to be featured in a non-menial role on television.” The article has many more details, and I encourage you to read a little about this wonderful woman.

Here’s the link to the Variety article!

There’s a ton more to say but, honestly, whenever one of the Original Seven from the Star Trek Universe passes, I get emotional. I love the show, and the subsequent franchise, for tons of reasons – the sci-fi, the characters and stories, the optimistic (usually) look at what the future could hold, and because I have such memories of sitting on the floor of our living room, watching the reruns with my Dad.

Instead of rambling on and being sad at her passing, though, I want to share something I wrote on Facebook about 7 years ago – in 2015 – when I had the most wonderful chance encounter, a moment that any great fan of something can understand and appreciate. A moment that left me a little stunned, with my son asking “You okay?” and me not even being able to answer him:

July 13, 2015: “Sometimes you’re at the airport, and suddenly Nichelle Nichols is there. 2 feet from you. And you lock eyes with her and your whole mind freezes up. And she smiles warmly at you and recognizes the look of stunned adoration, and says “Hello” and and gives you a smiling, loving wink and nod that says “yes, it’s me, you’ll be okay, just keep breathing” and she continues on her way. And after she’s gone, you feel lighter, and taller, and like you’ve been touched by a power of goodness and light from a time long ago, spoken of now only in song and legend.”

Rest in peace, Ms. Nichols. Thanks for the wonderfulness that you brought to the world. And thanks for that 10 seconds of kindness you showed to a nerd that you saw get overwhelmed by your very presence.

Pic post Wednesday!

Set construction for THE USUAL is coming nicely, and so are rehearsals!

Also from THE USUAL, your basic 8-bit fireball. (I posted this last week, but WordPress mangled the post so some pics didn’t show!)

Damnit, man! I’m a doctor, not a ma – oh, wait…

And don’t you forget it.

Something else not to forget…

And another Wednesday is gone.

Pic Post Wednesday: The Usual, Zombies in Space, Rhizopus

Rehearsals for The Usual are going well, we’re having a great time putting it together.  The production team is doing some great work too!  Here are a few shots:

So this would be your basic 8-bit fireball…

I learned a word this week… the Scrabble app for iPad has a fun “teacher” feature, so after you play a turn, it says “Wrong.  You got a few points, but if you had a brain you would’ve done THIS!” and then it shows you how dumb you are.  Apparently it didn’t like my 48 point word (“sizer”, on a triple word score), because “Rhizopuses” would’ve been 99 points. 

Rhizopuses:  plural of Rhizopus – a bread mold, any zygomycetous fungus of the genus Rhizopus.  

And now we know.  And knowing is half the battle.

Lastly, just for fun – this comes from Geek Alert, and it’s got Star Trek and zombies… so how could I not post it?  Check out their link if you’d like to buy it!

“Star Trek III was an excellent movie, but it would have been completely different if zombies were involved. Would it be better or worse? Most certainly better. Zombies make everything better. Now you can imagine how a zombie Star Trek III might have been with this “Star Trap III The Living Dead Search For Spock” Poster.

And another Wednesday has come and gone.