Friday Fun Things

We are in Tech Week for The Woman In Black at Williamston Theatre, man it’s going to be a terrific show.  Set, costumes, everything is just coming along beautifully.  The actors are fabulous, and it’s a nice spooky piece!

Other fun things: I love this picture of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan… and Elmo.ianpatrickelmo

Sometimes…when you get a package in the mail that has a lot of bubble wrap… you need to just roll around on it. So this happened at my house…

Aaaaand this is share-worthy just because it’s fabulous:

Also, I’m excited about the new freelance gig I’m doing with TV Talk! I’m hosting a show discussing the new CBS drama Hostages! My friend Joe Zettelmaier and I are co-hosting, it’s a ton of fun. The pilot ep of the show was quite good, I’m looking forward to watching and discussing/dissecting it more over the season. You should check it out – you can get the TV Talk App at, or you can also just listen to the show there, too! It’s fun – the app has an option for listeners to join in on the discussion. And while you’re there check out the other shows available. TV Talk: Hostages is one of over 60 shows you can listen to, so if you’ve got a favorite tv show, grab the TV Talk app and join in with a community of folks chatting about it!

Happy Friday, y’all!