Monday Morning Pic Post

Random pictures from the life of a random guy who is also a dad, husband, director and nerd.

This is the glass blowers studio across the street from Williamston Theatre. Folks who came to an evening performance of The Woman In Black had a little surprise waiting for them after the show. It was so much fun to see who would spot it, and what their reaction would be!

Sometimes you put stuff in a desk drawer, and it slips behind the drawer, and maybe under it, and just gets lost in the desk. Then after a while, sometimes after years, you open the drawer and that something that you’d forgotten all about falls out from under the drawer. Sometimes that something is a few pictures that your kids made for you when they were little… Like this collection of all my favorite superheroes that my son, who was probably in first grade at the time, made for me because he knew I liked them…


…or this picture and note that my daughter made for me. I won’t lie, working on the play that I’m directing now (which is all about family, and parents/kids/grandparents and growth and change), finding these pictures from years ago was a little bit of an emotional moment. Now the kids are teenagers, busy all the time, and the days of wanting to write notes to mom and dad is gone. And I guess the bittersweet thing about that is that I don’t remember exactly when it happened. *sigh*! Still, their are more parenting adventures on the way!

My Klingon Piggy Bank went as a leprechaun for Halloween.

This creepy doll is from The Woman In Black. Spooky.


Maggie planted an apple tree several years ago – this year she got to collect her first crop of apples from it!

Aaaaaaand I’m just sharing this because it makes me laugh every time I see it!

There’s a lot to love about my job…

One of the many things I love about being Artistic Director of a Regional Theatre is the job of putting together teams of people and letting them create things.  Our latest production is a great example of why I enjoy this so much.  The Woman In Black  is a gorgeous, spooky, atmospheric thriller that benefits from the contributions of everyone in the entire production company.

I’m thrilled to say that audiences and critics are both enjoying it!  Here are a few quotes from the reviews:

“A haunting ghost story… this season opener is strong melodrama with a great cast in a polished production.” – Encore Michigan

“Williamston knocks ‘em dead again with the exceptional quality of the production.” – Lansing City Pulse

“Williamston Theatre’s Woman in Black is a lesson in how to tell a ghost story.” – Greater Lansing Ubiquitous Theatre

“All elements combine, “The Woman in Black” is a Halloween treat, a gothic ghost story told by a fine team of artists who know just how to make spooky work on stage.” – Lansing State Journal

Congrats and Thanks to everyone who worked on the show!