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The final voyage of the (real) U.S.S. Enterprise


Hey, Doctor Who fans! If you haven’t seen the online game, prepare to waste a lot of time with your favorite Gallifrean, exploring the “big ball of wibbly wobbly timely wimey…stuff!”
Doctor Who: Worlds In Time

Um… Living in the future is cool, but… Didn’t we learn ANYTHING from Jurassic Park?!
Extinct Wooly Mammoth To Be Cloned

This is a neat resource – the top 50 Drama Games. Possibly useful for workshops with young people, rehearsals, classroom settings? Worth checking out: Drama Games

My friend Dawn just recently introduced me to the Commonplace Book, which is a thing I immediately fell in love with and, as much as I wonder what exactly this online journal that I keep should be, this concept spoke to me very much. Filling pages with a variety of things related to the individual goals of the writer: things they want to share, to learn about, to remember, to ponder… I like this idea very much. It, for whatever reason, speaks to me more than “keep a blog about theatre” does. Maybe it’s because, in some ways, it’s what I do already – I write about the theatre, my family, baseball, sci-fi, news articles that move me, a whole hodge-podge of things. Often I’ve thought that maybe that’s not a good idea, because I see so many specialized blogs and online journalists that adhere to the “focus on a topic or you’ll lose your core readers” philosophy. Well, I don’t know that I have “core readers”, to start with, and I’d much rather share things that move me in one way or another and, hopefully, get feedback from folks who read it about what THEY think.

So, who knows, maybe the idea of a commonplace journal is just me giving myself permission to explore what I want this to be! If so, I’m going to start with this quote, which I just read recently and loved, because it’s about being in charge – as someone who helps run and guide a company, it’s a topic that I think about often.

When in Charge, Be in Charge (Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., US Army)
While Patton certainly championed it, the concept was not unique to his mind, nor to the military. If you have the honor and burden of being in charge – of a family, a team, a business unit or serving coffee, do so. Don’t waste people’s time and your life with milquetoast behavior. You are going to take the hit for outcomes, good or bad. This does not endorse domineering abusive behavior, however. Step up, be authentic and responsible – to yourself and to the forces of the universe that put you there.

That section came from David Kanigan’s blog, Lead.Learn.Live. – which is definitely worth reading if you’re interested in that stuff.