A cool day at work…


I solved some scheduling things, figured out a couple of payroll things, filed some things and answered a slew of emails… then I put my feet up and I read a couple of plays that are in consideration for next season.  I love that part of my job, and need to stop letting the everyday fires of the job get in the way of doing it!  

Our SM Erin for the next show is in the building prepping for the rehearsals to start next week, so lots of work is being done there, including the rearranging of the green room and dressing rooms and the prep for the actors to arrive.  Fun.

Downstairs onstage the actors, writer and director are in the middle of the final day of the workshop for Home: Voices From Families Of The Midwest.  It’s been a very productive workshop, and we just agreed to add one more day of it, to be held in about 8 weeks. 

Our apprentice (also named Erin) was working on tracking down scripts, helping the SM, and is now downstairs in the workshop.

Press photos were taken for the marketing campaign that’ll start next week for our next show.

And right now there’s a meeting of the Williamston Theatre Signature Society in our greenroom.  Those folks are fabulous, and help us stay open by donating their time, money, energy and ideas.

I love it when the building is humming with energy like this! 


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