Pic Post Wednesday

A big mix of pics today!

It’s fun to look at what the bookshelf of an 11-year old boy contains. Old roller skate, tiny metal robot, picture of himself as a baby, microscope, train whistle, Charlie Brown/Detroit Tigers bobblehead, plastic bin containing eyebolts…and a bunch of other fun things.

The Williamston Theatre is in…well, Williamston…which is also known, in slang by the local youth, as Billtown. This graffiti on the back of our theatre is, rather than bothersome, inspiring in a couple of ways… ways that will be revealed later in our season.

Dinner tonight – chorizo/potato/scrambled egg tortillas! SO good. Recipe from the great blog Two Good Eggs

This is for all the sci-fi nerds out there, and it makes me laugh!

Anyone else ever have a Family Movie Night where you rent a DVD, but still go to the movie theatre to get two large buckets of popcorn with butter?

Props from old productions: Decorating Scene Shops since…forever!

I love this shot – Saturday morning in bed with the family! Jeanne’s reading, the kids are playing a game on the iPad… Lots of relaxing and snuggling, the way a weekend morning should be.

4 thoughts on “Pic Post Wednesday

  1. Thank you! We were really happy with it – especially since it was something yummy that my 11-year old and I could have fun cooking up together. I’m not nearly in your league when it comes to cooking or culinary creations (although I’m good at alliteration, apparently!), but we like to jump in and try new things when we get the chance!

  2. The problem was not the fact that you used cooked chorizo – you used the wrong type. You used a spanish, not a mexican style chorizo. The spanish style is cured. It is solid and dense (as you learned). Mexican chorizo is sold fresh and has a soft squishy consistency. It is fatty and when cooked it breaks apart and is very tender, not firm and therefore the flavors are incorporated into the egg. Although almost any type of pork sausage will taste good with eggs, you do not get the symbiotic co-mingling of flavor and textures that you get with the mexican style product.

    • AH! That makes so much sense! And I’m new to cooking with chorizo, so when I called the local meat market to ask if they had any, when they said “Yes” I just grabbed whatever they told me to use! Okay, now I’m on a quest for Mexican chorizo, and I’m doing this dish again!

      Thanks so much, David, for the tip! πŸ™‚

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