It never fails…

Listen up, young up-and-coming directors:

You will inevitably, when watching the final preview and your rehearsal hours are over, figure out a way to fix that moment/scene/beat change/transition that’s been bugging you for weeks.  And then, as you watch the show, celebrating the fact that you’ve figured it out, you’ll realize that all you need is another few hours of rehearsal and one costume change… neither of which you’ll get.  So you watch the show, and when that moment comes, you just imagine your improved version in place of what’s happening… and file it away to use at a later date. 

Theatre: Art with a deadline.  And that deadline can be pretty firm.

2 thoughts on “It never fails…

  1. Tony, I sometime wonder what a show would look like if we had 6-months of rehearsal as the Moscow Art Theatre did. Then I think about the cost of that much rehearsal,… Theatre: Art on a budget.

  2. Art on a budget – So true! The idea of rehearsing a show for 6 months is so foreign to me, so different than what I’ve been experienced in my 20+ years in theatre, but I would LOVE the chance to try it. If you win that big Mega-Millions Jackpot tonight, hook me up, will ya?!

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