Wednesday Pic Post!

It’s time to share some more photos in this Commonplace Journal!  Wednesday Pic Post, here we come!  (Well, it’s after midnight, so it’s technically “Thursday Pic Post”, but who wants to be technical after midnight?)

We open “The Usual” on Friday.  Previews have gone well, the rehearsals this week have been a fun process of polishing, trimming, and a little adding (like a newly minted dream sequence).  We also made some small adjustments to the set, and some prop tweaks.  Here’s an example of the kind of props we were playing with:(This sticker and more like it can be found here!)

Why would we be using that?  Come see the show and find out!  If you come see the show, you may see this:

Until then, think about this…

If you’d like something else to think about, spend some time trying to figure out why THIS exists:

(Okay, truthfully – I really want to try it, just because I’m impressed that someone actually said “You know what my bologna needs? Mac and Cheese” convincingly enough for Koegel’s to say “Hey… Yeah, that IS what your bologna needs!”)

Instead of buying Mac and Cheese Loaf for my family last week, though, I set up a crockpot of yummy goodness to cook while they were all at school and work, so when they got home they found this sign:

(Since I’ve been making these crockpot meals more often, I have a feeling that “Songs From Inside A Crockpot” could become a recurring literary & musical theme in our house…)

And another Wednesday has come and gone.  Now… sleep!


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