Pic Post Wednesday!

Snapshots of a week full of theatre, family, and fun! It’s been a busy week, not as much journaling as I’d like, but it’s been a good kind of busy, so no complaints… Just pictures!

My son bought me this at a yard-sale. Yes, it’s a Klingon. Yes, it’s also a piggy-bank!
(Fellow nerds: Is this Gowron?)

“Today is a good day to save!”

This is our closing week of The Understudy at Williamston Theatre. It’s been a pretty terrific experience.


My kids are Rock Stars!


Speaking of my kids, Max is laying here next to me, reading, as I write this post on my iPad. Look how cute this kid is!


Tracking the progression of the set for the upcoming show (mentioned in last weeks Pic Post), here’s a picture of the updated model! Nice changes by the designer, based on discussions of both aesthetic and practical needs. Excited for this show!


Lastly… This is awesome…

…and so is this…


Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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