Pic Post Wednesday: New Shows, New Games, Family Time!

A good, busy week!

Production meetings for the next show at Williamston Theatre, Red, White and Tuna, directed by John Lepard. Here’s a picture or two of the set model – Janine Woods Thoma is the Set Designer. This pic was right before they had a couple of great ideas and Janine tore the model apart to experiment!



In other theatre news, I’m beginning work on the next show I’m directing, boom, which I LOVE!


Had a great time with Max this evening. After Maggie and I grilled an awesome dinner (salmon, chicken, pork medallions, veggies), she and Jeanne went out dress shopping, so Max and I got some Dad/Son time: first, ice cream from Twisters.

Yes, they’re both huge, and yes his has 3 candy eyeballs on the front of it. These things happen…

Next, we wanted to play some games, and we had a new pack of expansion cards…

So we played some Munchkin!

Seriously, could that kid be any cuter?

We also played a game of Ticket To Ride with the whole family, and then the kids were off to bed!

Lastly, Maggie and I saw this bumper sticker when we went grocery shopping, and it made us laugh… and then we spent the next 20 minutes rhyming things with “peanut”…


Have a great week, folks!

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