Link-tastic Tuesday!

Silly app called Vine lets you make 6 second movies:
Saturday at the Theatre

Sunday Coffee with my Daughter!

SPRING TRAINING! It’s been a long off-season for baseball, and I can’t wait to get it back! 🙂

Really neat clip on the post-production process of the new Star Trek movie that’s coming out soon! (Potentially minor spoilers, if you’ve not paid any attention to any previews of the movie at all!)

My son has the flu. Booo. The good news is that he was laying on the couch, and decided to turn off the tv, and use the iPad to write a play! 🙂 Cool. Still, having the flu is not good, so here are some tips on avoiding it!

My birthday has come and gone, but if anyone is searching for a Valentine’s Day present for me, how about this cool book? September’s Notebook

Happy Tuesday!

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