Wednesday Pic Post

Random pictures from the life of a dad/husband/geek who runs a theatre.

One of the ladies at work wore this recently – hilarious!

Theatres use a lot of these lamps – this is the picture I took to remember the details so I could order more of the right one! Feeling generous? Feel free to donate a box! 😉

I spent 4th of July cleaning out my garage. (These things happen….) and in a box of “miscellaneous stuff” I found this picture of my kids from about 10 years ago.


Now they’re both teenagers, and I suddenly found myself alone in the middle of the garage feeling melancholy and old, but also incredibly lucky for my life and family!
All those “they grow up so fast” cliches are true!

Then there’s this!

A quick shot from the dress rehearsal of Tuna Does Vegas!


Happy Wednesday, everybody!

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