Amazing Anniversaries and Other Awesome Things

The last couple of weeks have been full of positive things.  Not everything, of course, but right now I feel like focusing on the things that are making life wonderful.

My son came home from Germany!  After 7 months, it’s great to have him back.  Now he’s prepping for Western Michigan University in the Fall.

Jeanne and I celebrated 25 years of marriage.  Can’t believe it’s already been that long!

This week is my 5 Year Anniversary of coming home from the hospital after my meningitis coma “vacation”, as my wife calls it.  So many memories popping up on Facebook, and nice comments from people.  It was 5 years ago yesterday that I came home after being gone for two and a half months in St. Joe’s of Ann Arbor.  So, as I do every year, I celebrated by taking them fruit and chocolate gifts, and “Thanks for keeping me alive” cards!  If you see a doctor, or a nurse – thank them.  They’re heroes.  Without those amazing people I would’ve missed my kids graduating high school, my 25th wedding anniversary, the pride of seeing my kids go to other countries and become independent amazing human beings… and so many other things.

Other great things:  Opened The Gin Game, the 76th production at Williamston Theatre, to great reviews and thrilled audiences.  Held general auditions for our upcoming 14th Season, which I am IN LOVE WITH.  Our summer show, which is a co-production with Tipping Point Theatre, opened at their space and is terrific, and I am excited to get it to Williamston.  The new season of Major League Baseball is upon us – and even though the Tigers are going to have a challenging rebuilding year, it’s going to be fun to watch.

Jeanne and I have had a fun time looking at houses lately.  We love the house we’re in, but with us entering the “Empty Nest” phase of life, we’re looking to downsize a little bit.  It’s been 17 years – I’m done raking so many leaves!  🙂   So, big changes coming there, which are exciting!

So much happening.  I hope things are going well for you, too.  Spring is finally here, and with the new warm weather and sunshine we can enjoy looking forward to what comes next.

Catching up on the good stuff

Boy, January flew by.  I was directing a play, which is part of the reason, but also it was a month of weird anniversaries and things.  Over the last few weeks we had my birthday (yay 47!), the 2 year anniversary of me going into the hospital and going into a coma, and the 1 year anniversary of my father passing.  All of that stuff led to me being in a weird place for several weeks, but I guess that’s normal.

Of course, adding to the weirdness was the fact that the play I’m directing is about, among other things, a family dealing with the death of the father.  So, that made it a pretty emotional project.  Fortunately the show, Too Much, Too Much, Too Many, is gorgeous and I got to work with wonderful people while creating it.

Here’s a shot from the show!  TM3.jpg

I really like the composition of this moment in the play.  🙂

Oh, here’s our video, too!

I’m also pleased to report that there is a ton of wonderfulness going on in my world, both with family and work.  Got to see Maggie’s final home concert with the Chelsea House Orchestra, and next week I get to see the one-act play that my son Max on as Student Director!  And this week was the birthday of my beautiful wife, which is definitely a day to celebrate!

Now, though – I’m off to the final preview performance of Too Much, Too Much, Too Many.  It’s one of those pieces that reminds us, because sometimes we need reminding, that life is short, and putting up walls between us and our joy just doesn’t do anybody any good!  Live your lives, folks – live for yourselves, and for the people you love – all we have is what we make with each other.

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.

Walt Whitman