Pic Post Thursday!

Random pictures from the random events that life throws at a guy… (not a random guy, though. Specifically, me.)

Family stuff!
Family birthday for my son: boy oh boy, he turned 12 quickly…
Here he can be seen modeling his birthday present from his big sister: Sunglasses with an attached moustache.

Since we had the whole family over, we took some family photos! I posted about family HERE, but this picture is fun: My kids, and my nieces and nephews. (Note: Many of them are wearing shirts my sister-in-law bought advertising “Crabby Frank’s Restaurant”. My dad’s name is Frank!)

My birthday is coming up… (in January). I’m also posting a pic of this shirt that can be purchased at zazzle.com. No connection between these two facts, just coincidence…

This weekend we tech The Understudy. Rehearsals have been a blast. Here’s a fun shot of the set a couple of days ago. Soon that big wooden structure will be covered with something very cool – I’ll post more later!

Lastly, my parents stayed with us for a few days… the other night we had a great time with 3 generations of the family sitting around the table playing a lot of Zombie Dice! A very fun game, it was a lot of fun to play with my wife, parents, and kids at the same time. What? You’ve never played Zombie Dice?! Check it out here. (And there’s an iPhone app for it, too!)

Now – more rehearsals. More family stuff. I hope your week has been as good as mine!

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