Wednesday pic post!

Okay, this is the “it’s been too long since I’ve posted and I’ve been working too many hours and laid up too much with a sinus infection thank God for antibiotics” pic post! Some random things from the last week!

my son giving me a tough look

Me discussing a scene with actor Aral Gribble on the set of boom

The boom set, with actor Sarab Kamoo

Another shot of the set and Sarab Kamoo

I officiated the wedding of my friend Megan Buckley to her wife Birdie Ball! It was a beautiful night!

When shopping with the kids, may have found this Darth Vader hoodie that zips up completely over your head to give you a mask. That may be me using the force to choke someone… And it may not…

I love this picture from boom, with Alissa Nordmoe, Aral Gribble and Sarab Kamoo.

Even though I had a lot going on (or maybe because I had a lot going on), and had a sinus infection, it was a terrific week. Loads of fun stuff, lessons learned, pictures taken. Looking forward to writing more about it. In the meantime, hope YOUR week was great!

Sunday Pic Post

Sometimes what you need to do is post a series of pictures from your week!

So, I’m juggling directing tasks on a couple of productions this week, rehearsing boom in Williamston, and remounting Ernie in Grand Rapids. Here are some rehearsal shots!

Some fun in Grand Rapids



My awesome boom cast, rehearsing:


Being in a snarky political mood last week, I made this:


Being a geek, I saw this and loved it:


Oh, speaking of boom


Aaaaand no Sunday Pic Post would be complete without my kids showing off their finger mustaches…


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your week was as good as mine, and next week is even better!