Sunday Pic Post

Sometimes what you need to do is post a series of pictures from your week!

So, I’m juggling directing tasks on a couple of productions this week, rehearsing boom in Williamston, and remounting Ernie in Grand Rapids. Here are some rehearsal shots!

Some fun in Grand Rapids



My awesome boom cast, rehearsing:


Being in a snarky political mood last week, I made this:


Being a geek, I saw this and loved it:


Oh, speaking of boom


Aaaaand no Sunday Pic Post would be complete without my kids showing off their finger mustaches…


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your week was as good as mine, and next week is even better!

Wednesday Pic Post:

A ballpark is a magical place, don’t you think? It stops time. It’s a place where a father and son can sit together on a lazy afternoon enjoying the game and decades later, in those same seats, that son can sit with his son, and it’s as if nothing’s changed. Time moves differently inside a ballpark.
-Ernie Harwell, from Ernie by Mitch Albom

…we had a press conference for Ernie, and our Stage Manager Megan took this shot from the booth! Press Conferences are odd things, and I don’t do them often, so it was fun.

Speaking of baseball…
Last night we played some catch in the yard! Awesome.

Speaking of awesome things, The Town Pump has awesome fried pickles, and lunch today was pretty darned great.

We start rehearsal for this show next week, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been onstage, and I’m anxious to work out those muscles again!

So, challenges, opportunities, quality family time… a week full of reminders that all of those are important. Thanks, Universe.

“Ernie” Tech Day!

28,000 people saw this show last season! And the team is back to do it again!

A view from the lighting table in the back of the house.

Stage Manager Megan Buckley and Sound Designer Steve Shannon!

Lighting Designer Dan Walker

Actors TJ Corbett and Will Young!

Somehow I missed getting Tech Day photos of two amazing people, Assistant Stage Manager Andrea Kannon and Projections Designer Alison Dobbins, but they were there too and helped make the day go perfectly!