Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Goodness…

There’s a terrific article, all about the Williamston Theatre, that was recently published by the Livingston Post. Written by Susan Parcheta, it says a whole bunch of nice things about us!

Check it out here: “Williamston Theatre Amazes”

This fake movie trailer from Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious, and has a ton of stars enjoying being ridiculous!

“Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren.  In a hovercraft.”

In other Tuesday news, my friend and colleague Joseph Zettelmaier is featured in the March edition of American Theatre!  A nice 4 page article about him as a playwright, and it discusses the production of Dead Man’s Shoes that we just ran at Williamston Theatre.  There’s no online version yet, but here’s a picture of the cover with his name!  Nice publicity for a great writer and a great guy.

And today’s last Tuesday tidbit – we’re in rehearsals now for The Usual: A Musical Love Story, and it’s a ton of fun. I did some recording of the cast going through some of the music, and maybe I’ll try and post a snippet of it sometime this week… in the meantime, here’s a shot of more research we’ve been doing for the show…

No, seriously, the way the taps attach to the wall, how they look, the various types of tap handles you can get.  I’ll post pics of the final version from the set in a few weeks!


Pic Post Wednesday

First, since it’s Ash Wednesday, I’ll start with a couple of fun things relating to that:

This made me laugh.  (In a related note, THIS IS HERE ALSO.)


I made this on the fun iPad app Skitch, because, well, it also made me laugh!


Last night was first rehearsal for The Usual, at Williamston Theatre.  This isn’t a great pic, but I forgot to take more!  You can see, in the theatre seats, a couple of our Production Assistants (who will also appear as chorus in this show) – Carolyne and Brandon.  Also Dana Brazil the choreographer, Alex our apprentice, and Chris Purchis (WT Managing Director.)  Onstage left to right are Stef Din (Stage Manager) and the cast: Joe Zettelmaier, Emily Sutton-Smith and Leslie Hull.


I mentioned a while back that Max was building a trebuchet for Science Olympiad.   His regional meet has come and gone, and today we did some modifications to the trebuchet, and he’ll start charting the distances and weights again!  Here we are in the school gym experimenting this evening before dinner!

And, because it’s fun, here’s a video of the first test fire where, thanks to the improvements we made, it works even better than we predicted!

Darn, now that I’ve listened to the video, it’s hard to hear Max explain it.  He says “Okay, this is a 2 kilogram counterweight and a 38 gram projectile on an awesomely modified trebuchet!  3-2-1 Launch!”

And another Wednesday has passed!

Pic Post Wednesday


Last week I posted the preliminary sketch of the set for THE USUAL, which we’ll start rehearsals for next week.  Here’s the White Model of the set.  This process is another step in refining what we want the thing to be.  Later come the final versions, groundplans, paint elevations, etc…

I posted this on Facebook, after seeing it shared by several folks, but I’m still laughing at it, so here it is! 


Maggie said “Dad, in health class we learned that, for men, two glasses of wine every couple of nights can be healthy for your heart!”

Now I just have to find the two biggest glasses in the house…

So, Sci-fi fans, THIS is coming:

Doing research for The Usual, I came across these, which I love.  Don’t know who made them, but for anyone who played early video games, they’re fun!  Anyone up for a little Legend of Zelda in the real world? 

Or (for you early arcade fans), Duck Hunt?!

And another Wednesday comes to a close!

Pic Post Wednesday

A big mix of pics today!

It’s fun to look at what the bookshelf of an 11-year old boy contains. Old roller skate, tiny metal robot, picture of himself as a baby, microscope, train whistle, Charlie Brown/Detroit Tigers bobblehead, plastic bin containing eyebolts…and a bunch of other fun things.

The Williamston Theatre is in…well, Williamston…which is also known, in slang by the local youth, as Billtown. This graffiti on the back of our theatre is, rather than bothersome, inspiring in a couple of ways… ways that will be revealed later in our season.

Dinner tonight – chorizo/potato/scrambled egg tortillas! SO good. Recipe from the great blog Two Good Eggs

This is for all the sci-fi nerds out there, and it makes me laugh!

Anyone else ever have a Family Movie Night where you rent a DVD, but still go to the movie theatre to get two large buckets of popcorn with butter?

Props from old productions: Decorating Scene Shops since…forever!

I love this shot – Saturday morning in bed with the family! Jeanne’s reading, the kids are playing a game on the iPad… Lots of relaxing and snuggling, the way a weekend morning should be.

The Ballad of Injun Bill

We just opened the World Premiere of Dead Man’s Shoes at Williamston Theatre, and the show has a song that runs through it, sung by a couple of the actors onstage, who accompany themselves with guitar and, occasionally, harmonica. The lyrics were written by the playwright, Joseph Zettelmaier, and the music was done by a wonderful group called The Potter’s Field.

After helping us with the music, The Potter’s Field also re-worked the song a bit, and recorded their own version, which is just fabulous.

Listen to it here:

Then, if you’re interested, find out more about the show here:
The Williamston Theatre