Wednesday Pic Post

Random pictures from the life of a dad/husband/geek who runs a theatre.

One of the ladies at work wore this recently – hilarious!

Theatres use a lot of these lamps – this is the picture I took to remember the details so I could order more of the right one! Feeling generous? Feel free to donate a box! 😉

I spent 4th of July cleaning out my garage. (These things happen….) and in a box of “miscellaneous stuff” I found this picture of my kids from about 10 years ago.


Now they’re both teenagers, and I suddenly found myself alone in the middle of the garage feeling melancholy and old, but also incredibly lucky for my life and family!
All those “they grow up so fast” cliches are true!

Then there’s this!

A quick shot from the dress rehearsal of Tuna Does Vegas!


Happy Wednesday, everybody!

Friday Pic Post

Opening 10:53 tonight, and started rehearsals for Ernie this week – it’s been a terrific week to have my job! Plus we’ve had some terrific Quality Family Time, with track meets and orchestra concerts and show choir performances!

To celebrate this good week, here are some random photos from life!

Maggie rocked it in her “Company C” performance. She’s the one in the red top, in the first two pics. In the 3rd pic she’s on top left, playing the bass!




Ernie, the beautiful play by Mitch Albom, returns next month, and rehearsals are going well!



Had a blast at the Motor City Comic Con with my son, who liked this young lady and her Doctor Who cosplay!

And this little sparkly Darth Vader was cute as can be!



20130524-091852.jpgThe fabulous cast of10:53 by Annie Martin. Preview audiences loved the show, Opening Night is tonight.

This beautiful sunset view is right out our front window, and sometimes it’s gorgeous!

And lastly… This is the closest to a sweet rock-n-roll superhero action shot that I’ll probably ever get!



Thursday Pic Post

So I found myself in LA for a few days. I got to fist-bump Shrek while I was there.

I also, while looking at all the famous stars, found one that seemed perfect for a photo.


Aaaand it turns out that Princess Jasmine and I are friends. (Because when she’s not Princess Jasmine, she’s the wonderful Jade Waters Burch, a former Otterbein student who I directed in a Showcase!)


While in LA, my friends Mike and Jason took me to Meltdown Comics, an awesome comic book shop that also is the home of the NerdMelt performance space. They also have this:


Additionally, I was in NYC for a few days, but it was a quick trip filled with mostly work, and one of these…


And on the flight home, the airline wanted to remind us…

20130418-214825.jpg…not to throw geometric shapes into the airplane toilet.

In non-related news, my wife and kids look great in this picture:


And here’s a nice reminder:


Happy Thursday everybody. Work hard, play hard, love each other, and hug people!

Friday Pic Post

Some pics from Sweet Mercy, now running at MSU, that I took with my iPhone!



Beginning set sketches for the next show I’m directing, 10:53.


My son in Schoolhouse Rock, cracking up the audience as he reacts to being given a shot during the “Interjection” song. Horrible photo of a hilarious moment!


I know I’m easily amused, but this is the coolest cream pitcher any coffee shop has ever had! (cravings in Stockbridge, MI)


Continuing my efforts to improve my diet and fitness, so I thought I’d share this. Copy it, use it!


Lastly, a snapshot of a script page from Sweet Mercy: A phrase in Kinyarwandan, and the English translation.


Have a safe, wonderful weekend everyone. Amahoro iwanyu.

Sunday Night Pic Post

A great week. We had a wonderful four previews of End Days at Williamston Theatre. The shows were terrific (and very well sold!), and we got really good feedback from four excellent audiences.

John Manfredi and Eric Eilersen

Also, my son had his first Solo and Ensemble competition, where he got a 1 and 2!

20130127-215238.jpgHe loves playing his violin, and I’m really proud of him!

20130127-215345.jpgIt’s that time of year again! My friend Duncan is the Head Brewmaster at Grizzly Peak BrewPub in Ann Arbor, and since 2005 he’s brewed a seasonal beer named after me, Bitter Tony’s Rye Bitter!

20130127-215609.jpg (The origin story for that beer can be found here!)

So, tonight a bunch of us went and enjoyed some good food and my eponymous drink!

One of the wonderful people involved in End Days cleaned the snow and ice off my car after the show the other night before I got outside… and if that wasn’t enough, they left me a note on my trunk! 🙂

Thanks anonymous snow scraper!

Last pic of the night:
We had a great morning on Saturday, playing a bunch of Get Bit!

What’s Get Bit, you ask? A fun silly family game where you’re all a bunch of robots, swimming away from a shark… And to win, you have to be the last one to lose your limbs! Check it out here!

Tomorrow is Monday – have a productive, fun-filled week everyone!

Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built.
-James Allen

Giant Pic Post Of Fun Things!

Okay, in the spirit of just having fun, here are a bunch of pictures of fun things from the last couple of days in the life of one little Artistic Director!

Pieces of the set for our next production at Williamston Theatre, End Days.

My LarkLife. I love it. It tracks exercise, activity, meals, sleep, and hopefully will help me be more organized and proactive about being healthy! I promised my kids I would, so this is one tool to help!

A cool shot of John Lepard in the Williamston Theatre production of This Wonderful Life, currently running at Tipping Point Theatre.

The WT lobby display case. I just liked the way it looked!

Two wonderful women – Heather Brown, WT Apprentice, and Ebenezer cast member Alysia Koloscz, posing for a picture!

Wilbur, the Williamston Theatre Piggy Bank, decked out in his holiday best, hoping for charitable donations in the lobby!

These amazing WT ornaments were made by our amazing volunteer/supporter and friend Liz, who is just the best! Isn’t that beautiful?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa and Festive Festivus everybody!

Sunday Pic Post

Oh my gosh, what a busy month November was. It was wonderful, but I’m glad to see it go! 🙂

Some pics from recent good things…

The stage at Otterbein University where the Seniors performed their Senior Showcase for the University, and for the Alumni! I have a great time working with the actors, we’ll take it to NYC and LA in the Spring!

Deer hunting – some great time relaxing in the woods as, even more importantly, some quality time with my brother and father.


My son played James in James and the Giant Peach! Here is a pic from the show, and a shot of him with the young lady who played Grasshopper.

I love the way a Christmas tree lights a dark room late at night. It takes me back to when I was a young boy, and I’d sneak out to look at the treasures Santa had brought while everyone was asleep!

What holiday DOESN’T need lights with Captain Kirk on them?!

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are.
-Marianne Williamson

More random good things

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy. Wonderful, productive and fun, and busy.
Some pictures, so I don’t forget!

20121122-000323.jpg Spending some quality time in the woods with my brother and father. (Unfortunately, no deer were harmed in the making of this picture.)

20121122-000521.jpgThe set model for END DAYS, coming up in 2013 at Williamston Theatre. (Kirk Domer = amazing set designer).

20121122-000729.jpgA picture from EBENEZER, now playing at Williamston Theatre! Gorgeous!

20121122-000848.jpgAn amazing breakfast from the College Inn B&B in Westerville, OH.

20121122-001415.jpgAt WT, our “Dark Nights In Billtown” series was a huge hit, thanks to the efforts of Artistic Associate Lynn Lammers. Staged readings of political plays, the weekend before the election, using the building in new and fun ways!

Lots more wonderful things going on… Including Thanksgiving tomorrow, and the chance to spend more quality family time. Hope life is terrific for all of you out there as well!

Wednesday pic post!

Okay, this is the “it’s been too long since I’ve posted and I’ve been working too many hours and laid up too much with a sinus infection thank God for antibiotics” pic post! Some random things from the last week!

my son giving me a tough look

Me discussing a scene with actor Aral Gribble on the set of boom

The boom set, with actor Sarab Kamoo

Another shot of the set and Sarab Kamoo

I officiated the wedding of my friend Megan Buckley to her wife Birdie Ball! It was a beautiful night!

When shopping with the kids, may have found this Darth Vader hoodie that zips up completely over your head to give you a mask. That may be me using the force to choke someone… And it may not…

I love this picture from boom, with Alissa Nordmoe, Aral Gribble and Sarab Kamoo.

Even though I had a lot going on (or maybe because I had a lot going on), and had a sinus infection, it was a terrific week. Loads of fun stuff, lessons learned, pictures taken. Looking forward to writing more about it. In the meantime, hope YOUR week was great!

Sunday Pic Post

Sometimes what you need to do is post a series of pictures from your week!

So, I’m juggling directing tasks on a couple of productions this week, rehearsing boom in Williamston, and remounting Ernie in Grand Rapids. Here are some rehearsal shots!

Some fun in Grand Rapids



My awesome boom cast, rehearsing:


Being in a snarky political mood last week, I made this:


Being a geek, I saw this and loved it:


Oh, speaking of boom


Aaaaand no Sunday Pic Post would be complete without my kids showing off their finger mustaches…


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your week was as good as mine, and next week is even better!